How to retract the E-brake pads on BMW E90 with Foxwell NT510

BMW E90 E-Brake retraction is confirmed to be able to do by using Foxwell NT510 scanner tool.

BMW E90 E-Brake retraction is confirmed to be able to do by using Foxwell NT510 scanner tool. Read following procedure for details.

retract-the-e-brake-pads-using-foxwell-nt510-01 retract-the-e-brake-pads-using-foxwell-nt510-02 retract-the-e-brake-pads-using-foxwell-nt510-03 retract-the-e-brake-pads-using-foxwell-nt510-04 retract-the-e-brake-pads-using-foxwell-nt510-05

There is much more other stuff added with Foxwell NT510, but this was the most important. I was very surprised their was a ignition coil re-calibration (LVS) function when changing coils. Interesting. Immediately I applies NT510 scanner when I saw it as I am running the new BMW OEM Eldor coils.

Injectors can also be recoded or recalibrated with Foxwell NT510.

Goodbye to the INPA and the Bavarian Technic Tool (BT Tool) and hello to this. Tired of using a laptop, Foxwell NT510 tool can stay on your car with the bag it comes with.

To see this functions though you will have to select our chassis manually after the Auto VIN search. NT510 then actually pulls the data from the DME instead of pre-loaded data for the model car. It just helps speed things up mainly to read and erase codes. The manually entry gives you everything.

No more freezing when trying to access ABS-DSC modules.