Foxwell NT510 set injectors and program key for Land Rover Defender /Discovery

 Foxwell NT510 is verified to be able to set the injectors and program key for Land Rover Defender and Discovery. Read details as follows.
Car model and year:

Land Rover TD5 Defender and Discovery
The function I want to perform:

To set the injectors and if it is possible to program the keys used in other vehicles as it does lynx Diagnostics britpar.
Tool I am interested in:

Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner

foxwell nt510

My question on Foxwell NT510 to set the injectors and program key:

That limitations on the entry ecu has in land rover td5 defender and discovery? unlocked for various types or only a vehicle or only a model or just a brand of vehicle. I want to check the manual scheme which supports functions land rover td5
Foxwell NT510 feature & function list for Land Rover:

NT510 contain one software for free and at most can add 5 software, other 4 software you need pay for it. It support key programming and it is able to set injectors.

Here is function list for Land Rover download link:

Just press Ctl+ F to search any of the keywords “Injector” “key programming”, you will find out, NT510 is able to do.