Foxwell GT80 scanner reviews on Land Rover L538 clear DTCS

Drove Land Rover L538 Evoque to repairing shop and happened to using newly-received scanner Foxwell GT80 (great for its Windows system and high resolution),first time to experience such brilliant diagnosis.

This review from Konainggyi Ko.Here's his story :
Wow, first time to experience such brilliant diagnosis!! Drove my car (Land Rover L538 Evoque) to my bro’s repairing shop and happened to his using newly-received scanner Foxwell GT80 (great for its Windows system and high resolution). Curious about this and tried on my car to have a try.

My model: Land Rover L538 Evoque 2012

Engine: DW12-22 diesel with cCPF (high power)


First time to use it, so my bro helped to connect Foxwell GT80 tablet to the car

Connection success

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (2)

And here are some photos i took in the process

GT80 tablet main interface

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (3)

Select Diagnosis-> Land Rover

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (4)

Select the manufacturer

Press Read button to start reading the Vehicle Specification or VIN Code automatically

VIN number displays

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (5)

Press the tick button if the VIN is correct

Vehicle info

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (6)

Establishing vehicle communication...

Press Auto scan

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (7)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (8)

Auto scan 100%

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (9)

Press ABS - ABS control module-> ECU information

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (10)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (11)

Back to diagnostic function interface to Read codes

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (12)

Back to Erase codes

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (13)

Make sure that ignition on and engine off

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (14)

Confirm to clear DTCs

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (15)

Clear done!

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (16)

Back for Live data

Press All data

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (17)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (18)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (19)

Then clear codes of other systems with the same steps as above

All faults are cleared!

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (20)


Good! Feel like a professional repairing man.

If only it would be smaller and cheaper!