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[Czech Ship] Update To NT680 Foxwell NT624 AutoMaster Pro All Makes All Systems OBD2 EOBD Scanner

[Czech Ship] Update To NT680 Foxwell NT624 AutoMaster Pro All Makes All Systems OBD2 EOBD Scanner

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(NT624 Stop Production, Will Send NT680 Instead by Default) Foxwell NT624 all-systems series is developed by the most distinguished experts of the industry. NT624 stands out in a variety of similar tools by delivering wider coverage of vehicles.
Contact or Whatsapp: +86 13515975739

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by Levan Turabelidze on Sep 4, 2019
Super Fest Dalvery AAAA++++
by Fay on Feb 6, 2019
Hi there would you please tell me which is the best
Go well nt650. Or 644
Replied by Li xiaoting on Mar 8, 2019

The item NT644 would support more functions than the NT650. It is the full system diagnostic tool. The NT650 only support service reset.

We recommend the NT644 if you need to do full system diagnosis.

by Mr.Lukasz Sudol on Dec 31, 2018
I bought a nt650 scanner
(serial number:N451811116997)a few days ago and I would like to download Polish language for all functions, please reply to my e-mail address:
Lukasz Sudol
Country: GB
by Mr.Sergey on Feb 7, 2018
Hello, tell me please, support this device Russian language?
Replied by emilia on Feb 8, 2018

Sorry, it doesn't support Russian language.

Best regards
by Mr.Erwin arias on Jan 7, 2018
Hola buenas tardes este aparato FOXWEL NT624 le vale para un BMW 328CI e46 / 193cv /2800cc serie 3 gracia por la informaciĆ³n...
Replied by emilia on Jan 9, 2018
Gracias por sus comentarios en nuestro sitio web.
Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con nosotros libremente.
by Mr.Rolands Buravcovs on Jan 3, 2018
Hi! Does it can do injector coding on Bmw engines, particular engine is N43B20A. Thanks
Replied by emilia on Jan 9, 2018

Sorry, the NT624 can not do the injector coding.

You can have a look at the G80 series:

Thanks and regards
by Mr.Steven on Dec 4, 2017
Does Foxwell NT624 work with 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo?
Replied by emilia on Dec 11, 2017

Sorry, it can not work with Lamborghini. 

Best regards
by Mr.Ruzaini on Jul 6, 2017

I want to know what is suitable scanner obd2 that can support proton car. Want to have function check dtc, abs, transmission cvt also throttle body.

From my search NT510 like suitable right?
Replied by emilia on Jul 8, 2017

Sorry that NT510 and other foxwelltools do not have the malaysia cars at present.

Best regards!
by Monte berlin on Mar 10, 2017
Where an auto repair shop and can't get this thing to work on any cars for airbags for the braking system and we look for support from them and we get email that says they will get back to us in 48 hrs really feel let down
Replied by emilia on Mar 17, 2017
Hi dear friend
Good day!
Actually, we didn't receive your message, would you please contact our email:

Thanks and regards!
by Mr.Marcelo Dante on Jan 23, 2017
Hi Emmilia,
Do you send to Lisboa?
This equipment read Chevrollet Tracker 2008 - Brazil?

Thanks a lot.
Replied by emilia on Feb 6, 2017
Hi Marcelo,

Yes, we send to Lisboa. 
But it doesn't support Brazil GM at present, sorry.

by John Doe on Jan 16, 2017
I need a scanner that can read from 97-2011 Ford,chevy,Dodge,Gmc Diesel Work trucks from 2500-5500 models.. My main purpose is to be able to read faulty transmissions since I am no longer allowed to drive vehicles at the auctions after I buy them... Will the Foxwell NT624 be the one for me?? Please help
Replied by emilia on Jan 16, 2017

Yes, NT624 will meet your requirements. 
I will check it with engineer again and send you email.

Best regards!
by Mr.John Scholten on Dec 26, 2016
Where can i find the differences between the NT510, NT624 and the NT644? There seems to be no real clear answer on this anywhere. I need to do some BCM programming on a 2013 GMC Terrain and ABS cycling on a 2008 Dodge Ram,. Plus whatever I may need in the Futur.
Replied by emilia on Dec 27, 2016
Hi, dear friend
NT510 comes with one car brand software for free, you have to paid for additional software if you need other car brand. But it is more powerfull than others in the aspect of funciton.
NT624 mainly for full-system code reading and clearing and live data etc. and it support more than 60 car brand.
NT644 can do the function of NT624 plus the special function of EPB and oil reset. Also support an extensive car brand.
And NT630 will support special function of SAS/ABS and Airbag.
You can choose them depend on your needs.

If you have any questions please contact us via
Best regards!

by Mr.Joseph Huerta on Dec 11, 2016
Hi there,
Can you tell me if the NT624 scan tool reads Volvo S40 T4 99- codes? I need to read the airbag fault codes from this vehicle.
Do you ship to Queensland Australia?
Replied by emilia on Dec 11, 2016
Hi, dear friend 
Yes, it will sdo code clearing and air bag on your car.
Also of course, we ship to Australia

Best regards!
by Mr.james shubin on Dec 11, 2016
Foxwell says that Brazilian GM coverage is included in Brazilian Automaster Pro series Scanners version for Brazilian market only and the other countries/areas will just have the generic version without these vehicles
I am in USA and I want to purchase the AutoMaster Pro NT624 with Brazilian GM coverage, can you provide me with the Brazilian GM coverage?
Replied by emilia on Dec 11, 2016
Have checked with engineer that NT624 will support Brazilian GM.
Best regards
by Mr.Marcelo Dante on Nov 29, 2016
Hi Emilia.
I live in Brazil and the diesel motores are Toyota Hilux and Mitsubish L200, Pajero, etc
Replied by emilia on Nov 29, 2016
Hi, Mr. Marcelo
Yes, it will support Toyota and Mitsubish.
You can check the attached function list.

by Mr.Marcelo Dante on Nov 29, 2016
Please, The model Pro NT624 function with diesel motors?
Replied by emilia on Nov 29, 2016

Can you provide the specific car model and year?
by Mr.manuel g cruz on Aug 31, 2016
i think this is the tool that I really need to help me solve the transmission shifting issue on my 2000 ML 430. It is more than a cost of a diagnostic trip to an MB dealer but I think it is worth its price in the long run. I'll definitely buy one as soon as I can get back to work in two weeks time.
by Mr.Randy on Mar 13, 2016
Hi, Im looking for a scanner that will perform these task below will the NT624 perform these task?

BMW battery registration?

Deactivates and re-activates brake control system?

Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement?

Returns calipers to the original position?

Initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed?

Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality ?

how many OBDII test modes does it support?

Performs special functions, coding, security access?

Does active tests on systems and components?
Replied by Juliana on Mar 14, 2016
Hi,dear friend

NT624 is only for all systems ,all car models read DTC, Erase DTC, Data stream, Freeze frame, it does not contain special function. It support over 58 car brands.
If you want do those special function, we recommend you choose GT80 Plus or NT510.
If you only for some specific car brand, i recommend you choose NT510, it is more convenient and save you more money.
Best regards!
by Mr.Edward on Feb 21, 2016
received just fine, thanks
by Mr.KHACHATRYAN NUNE on Feb 21, 2016
Item was exactly as described. Very pleased!
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