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Extra Software Authorization for NT530/NT510Elite Multi-System Scanner

Extra Software Authorization for NT530/NT510Elite Multi-System Scanner

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This is software authorization service for NT530, NT510 Elite scanner. As NT530, NT510 Elite only provide one software for free, other software you have to buy alone.
Available software for choose including: BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Land Rover, OPEL, Toyota and VAG, Ford etc.

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by Mr.Ed Mund on Feb 28, 2021
Purchased NT530 & paid additional for Mercedes software. MANY failed attempts at communication with the vehicle later (despite uninstall & reinstall of FoxAssist and MB license), the scanner does communicate with Sprinter, listed as compatible, but function menu freezes & does not have ANY 2-way usability or function beyond generic live data as with the much cheaper NT301 (reader only). Support is non-existent beyond initial acknowledgement of problems.

BEWARE: Trying to telephone the Foxwell UK office for support/guidance reveals purchasing from THIS site does NOT mean you get UK support!! {Extract from UK distributor site below: }

"They are not sold in the UK, so are not eligible for support or warranty from Foxwell UK.
Always check for a UK phone number and postal address when buying from a website, as not all are really UK-based. If in doubt, ask for the Foxwell UK Support ID of the tool."
Replied by Li xiaoting on Mar 12, 2021

There is no such a " FOXWELL UK " the only official website is  or "

Please kindly note. 

We are the authorized online dealer worldwide and we are responsible for products from our website. All products are original from Foxwell and you can get the direct support from Foxwell engineer. 

If you purchased from other website, please contact the seller for further help, thanks. 

by William Nuttall on Dec 5, 2018
a little unhappy - I expected the NT520Pro that I bought to have the BMW software loaded, (it seemed to indicate that on the web site) - it does not have the BMW software loaded - complicated download instructions - you have to use a PC, (I am not a PC user, I use a Mac), and presumably will need a card reader for the mini CF card which I do not have, so will have to go out and buy one - if I can borrow a PC, do I need a card reader or can I load the BMW software directly onto the device with the CF card installed
by Mr.Alex Vokes on Aug 20, 2018
Purchased this in the hope it would communicate with my 2004 Jeep (Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge software). Ordered the Crysler software and the NT520. Shipped from Chine and had a worry when registering that the unit was already registered with Porsche software. Alarm bells rang and made contact with Foxwell, who tried to guide me through the hopeless setup procedure. Got fed up and paid extra for the Chrysler software and once installed, didn't communicate with my Jeep. In fact, the £20 code readers on ebay do what this does. Complete waste of money and time.
by Darren Mitcham on Jun 25, 2018
Ordered a NT510 with BMW support, but arrived with no BMW support installed. Trying to follow the instructions to add is very complicated. Contacted tech support, and help lines but no responses.
by Mr.Mechanic on Feb 22, 2018
HORRIBLE instructions. NO CD when one was promised. Spent days on end with customer support just to load the software. No indication of what download file was called, hidden passwords etc. etc. Hate it already for all the time wasted.... and still cannot use it as scanner is not synching in with laptop so that I can load ONE VEHICLEs information. A waste of money so far.
by Mr.Joex Venus on Feb 14, 2018
Is NT510 suitable for LPG vehicles? If not, which nt6xx version covers?
by TEERAPAT JONGRUCK on Jan 12, 2018
Bought the Nt510 BMW with BMW software. When the unit arrived there is no software cd came with it nor installed on the unit. just the unit!!! what will you do with this?
Replied by emilia on Jan 15, 2018

You can download the software and the installer from official website :

Here is the instruction to update for your reference:

Thanks and regards
by Larry Woods on Nov 18, 2017
when I logged in to register my device, I cannot load other vehicles onto my device unless I buy them. This is now what I understood.
Replied by emilia on Nov 27, 2017

The NT510 only carry one car brand for free. For other vehicles, you need to purchase them. 
This is the link:

Best regards
by Mr.James B McMahon on Aug 15, 2017
While it all worked out in the end, it was confusing. On one page it says the system comes preloaded with one vehicle chosen at time of purchase. Then it becomes clear that it does not and the first vehicle must be loaded from the website. More clarity would be helpful.
Replied by emilia on Aug 15, 2017

Thanks for your advice.
Have a good day!


by Mr.David on Mar 8, 2017
Hi, I just wondering if I can have the Porsche on my NT510, I already have the Toyota. If yes, how should I do?
Replied by emilia on Mar 8, 2017
Hi dear friend,

Yes, you can add up to 5 car brand available on the list and after you purchase it, please provide the S/N of your NT510 and we will authorize the software for you.
And then you just need to download it.

Best regards!
by Mr.Plamen Stankov on Feb 2, 2017
Foxwell NT510 if supported SAS steering angle sensor calibration for Hyundai Santa Fe ‎2.2 CRDi 4WD (150 Hp) 2007 ??
by Mr.Torsten Mildenberger on Jan 20, 2017
GM Updat zusätzlich wie geht das ???
Replied by emilia on Jan 20, 2017
Please provide the product serial number and we will add the software for you. And then you can update in via 
And you can follow this guide :

But you have to provide us with the serial number of NT510 first. 

by Mr.neil stevens on Oct 27, 2016
hi.will this work with a rover 25 1.8 16v 2000 ? many thanks
Replied by emilia on Nov 1, 2016
Hello, Stevens
This software works with NT510 and it supports your car mode.

by Mr.joseph brimmer on Oct 4, 2016
Have NOT received this software as of this date.

PLEASE respond
Replied by emilia on Oct 6, 2016
Hello, dear friend

As we couldn't add software for you unless you provide your serial number.
And we have received your email yesterday, your software will be added very soon.

Thanks and regards
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